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Magnetic Hematite
Wednesday, 26 November 2008 20:09

Hi! It's Jim, the TC web-designer here. I've heard that magnetic hematite (an iron ore, like lodestone or magnetite) has supposedly got "natural healing powers of balance". I don't know about that, but it was a joy to work with them. Scanning beads in can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare: these, being attracted to each other, just lie down in neat rows. Can we sell more magnetic stuff, please, Chris? :-)

All prices are per strand, except as marked

Double Drilled Spacer Beads
Half Moon Shape

All Magnetic
3 sizes, Double Drilled
Priced per bead
4x9mm = 25 cents each
6x13mm = 40 cents each
10x18mm = 50 cents each

Power Bracelets
All Magnetic
8mm Beads

More power bracelets
Plain Round
4mm = $3.50
6mm = $4.00
8mm = $8.00
10mm = $10.00
12mm = $12.00
Oval Rice Shape
4x7mm = $3.50
5x8mm = $4.00
6x12mm = $10.00
9x15mm = $13.00
Swirl Ovals
4x7mm = $7.50
5x11mm = $8.00
6x12mm = $10.00
10x12mm = $12.00 (not pictured)
Drum Shape
2 Sizes
3mm = $3.00
4mm = $4.00
8mm = $8.00
Tube Shape
2 Sizes
3x9mm = $3.50
5x8mm = $4.00
5x8mm Six Face Tube = $4.00
(not pictured)
Faceted BiCone Shape
3 Sizes
6x12mm = $8.50
8x12mm = $9.50
8x16mm = $11.00
Faceted Round Beads
Lovely faceted round beads
8mm shown in picture
4mm Round = $10.00
6mm Round = $12.00
8mm Round = $15.00
Heart Shape
Star Shape
Column Shape
Cone Shape

Also, Nancy W. writes, "Just wanted to let you know that magnetic hematite also has great pain killing powers for carpal tunnel syndrome! I've been wearing a bracelet for a while now and have no problems. If I take it off, I can feel it in a day or so." Obviously, not quite a clinical trial, but who can say?

Magnetic Faceted Oval Beads are not sold by the strand, rather by the piece. Faceted 5x8mm, each bead is great to work with, as Jim noted above. If you make multiple strands, you can see from the illustration that they will stay together. And alternatively, if you want the strands to stay apart, just reverse the polarity when you string them. The possibilities are endless! Order by the piece.
5x8mm Faceted Hematite Oval Beads = 45 cents each

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