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Amazonite is the blue-green variety of transluscent to transparent microcline feldspar. It gets its name from the Amazon River, where it was first discovered. Other forms of Amazonite are more green and blotchy. They come from Russia. These images are of the BLUE-GREEN variety.

12mm Hearts
Beautiful Heart Shape
$10.00 per strand
30 beads per strand
Oval 5x7mm
$6.00 per strand
55-58 beads per strand
5x15mm Teardrop
$10.00 per strand
25 beads per strand
6mm Round
$7.00 per strand
65 beads per strand
4x13mm Cylinders
$5.00 per strand
30 beads per strand
4x13mm Rectangles
$10.00 per strand
30 beads per strand
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