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Three Grades "AA", "A" and Yellow - Finest Quality!
Granny Apple Green ("AA"), Light Green ("A"), and Lemon Yellow

8mm ("AA") Granny Apple Green
highest quality

[50 beads per strand]

#1175: Image enlarged to show detail
6mm ("A") Light Green
Excellent quality

[65 beads per strand]

8mm ("A") Light Green
Excellent quality

[50 beads per strand]

6mm Lemon Yellow
Excellent quality

[65 beads per strand]

Chrysoprase Information

Chrysoprase is Apple Green Chalcedony. The shade of green is due to nickel. It is sometimes referred to as Australian Jade. Chrysoprase will fade in the sunlight. The best Chrysoprase is found in Australia. It is an important ornamental gemstone that serves as the alternative Birthstone for those born in the month of May. Used by Greeks, Romans and Egyptians for signets and seals as well as jewelry during the early times. It was also popular during the Victorian era in jewelry design. It is the most valuable variety of chalcedony. The highest quality material is rich apple green of even color and is highly prized and valued. Now you know everything.

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