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Bali and Bali-Style Beads, Spacers and Clasps

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Bali and Bali-Style...what does it mean?

Bali and Bali Style beads come from different places. We have been trying to separate them as best we can, in order for you to appreciate the differences. Bali beads are hand-made in BALI (Indonesia). They are made for us by families who are silversmiths. We are trying to give them as much business as possible to help the artists and their economy. Want to know about our "Bali Families"?

"Bali-Style" look like the Bali beads, but are factory-made in India and elsewhere in the World. There are differences and sometimes the differences are reflected in the pricing, since the beads made in Bali cost more. We have both and are trying to keep the differences noted on each of the styles, whether they are from BALI or they are BALI STYLE (India).

All Sterling Silver - pics are shown greater than actual size for clarity.
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Beads Spacers Crimp End Caps Decorative Clasps
Toggle Clasps Separators Bead Caps

Bali Beads

#2205 7x10mm Cone
Cone end fits beads up to 7mm.
Hole size is 2mm
$1.00 each


7x10mm cone



Decorative Round Beads *Bali Style*
New in Stock
All Handmade in India
All Sterling Silver
2 styles

6.5mm Round Bali

10mm Round Bali
75 cents each 95 cents each

Rope Center Rondelles

(#56) 5mm Twist Rope Center Rondelle
Great as spacers!
All Sterling Silver.
45 cents each
8mm Rope Center Rondelle
Great as spacers!
All Sterling Silver.
75 cents each

Tube Bead
Handmade in Bali

#1472 Bali Granulated Rondelle
Handmade in Bali
Three Styles Available:
5mm small hole: $45/100
5.5mm large hole: $50/100
6mm = $60/100
5mm Smooth Edge
Granulated Rondelle
Large Hole
50 cents each

Sterling Spacers

Star Spacers
Handmade in Bali
6mm #1723A $45.00/100
8mm #1723 $55.00/100
Diamond Spacers
Handmade in Bali
Two sizes available
4.5-5mm #213 $25.00 per 100 pieces
(Available Antiqued or Shiny)
6mm #1722 $40.00 per 100 pieces
(Antiqued only)

Daisy Spacers
Available in 3-6mm, by the hundred (Bali - clean or antiqued)
or by the strand (Bali-Style - clean or antiqued)

**3mm Shiny spacers now available at $25.00 per 100 pieces

Size/100/strand# on strand
$25.00 $58.00 app. 300
$45.00 $85.00 app. 240
$65.00 $95.00 app. 225


Gold Daisy Spacers

Bali Style Daisy spacers
Available in 4mm and 5mm by the 100
24k Vermeil Gold plating over sterling silver
4mm = $35.00 per 100 pieces
5mm = $45.00 per 100 pieces

Crimp End Caps and Hooks


Crimp the end onto any bead string. Use a clasp on the other side,
or the corresponding hook as a hook & eye closure.
All Sterling Silver. 4 sizes - price per piece:

Size Without Hook With Hook
1mm $1.75 $1.75
2mm $2.75 $2.75
3mm $3.75 $3.75
4mm $4.75 $4.75


"S" Clasps!!

#2581 Small "S" Clasp
$1.25 each
#5008 15x25mm Medium "S" Clasp
$2.50 each
#2584 Large Coil Swirl "S" Clasp
$3.50 each
Small Plain "S" Clasp

$1.00 each
Large Flower "S" Clasp

$3.50 each
Large Coil "S" Clasp

$3.00 each


Toggle Clasps

All handmade in Bali!
New Toggles and matching multiple ring separators
A Trash City Exclusive!

Threaded Toggle Clasp
(Handmade in Bali)

Available in 14, 12 and 10mm
Antiqued and Shiny finish for each size
Handmade in Bali
14mm = $2.00 each
12mm = $1.75 each
10mm = $1.25 each
Antiqued Finish Twisted Rope
Threaded Toggle Clasp
All Handmade in Bali
Bali#6 14mm = $2.00 each
Bali#5 12mm = $1.75 each
Bali#4 10mm = $1.25 each


Made in India Toggles in Stock
All handmade in India
Please note! Supplies of these are limited and very erratic...
Click on the picture to see close-up

#TG104 15mm Antiqued
Fleur de Lis 1-strand = $2.75
#848 16mm Twist Wire
1 Strand $3.00 each
2 Strand SOLD OUT
3 Strand SOLD OUT

#4051 15mm Twist Rope Style
= $2.00 each

#4054 13mm Heart Style


See also our other Toggle Clasps

Sterling Silver Separator

Three strands to One! Sold by the piece

#3090 Decorative 3 to 1 Separator
All Sterling Silver
Available in 16mm ($3.00 each)
Very nice patterns.

Sterling Silver Bead Caps

Bead caps cover the ends of your 6mm gemstones and give them a lovely finished look

More bead caps from INDIA, scroll up this page to Prepackaged Beads from India
#3082 7mm Flower Bead Cap
95 cents each
Very nice pattern
#45 10mm Flower Style Bead Cap
$1.55 each
6.5mm Flower Granulated Bead Cap
85 cents each
Very nice pattern
8mm Rope Edge Granulated Bead Cap
90 cents each
Very nice pattern
[Front and back shown]
Heavy bead caps
Beautiful granulation, Bali-style
Available in two sizes:
(#SB22S) 5.5mm (90 cents each)
(#SB22L) 8mm ($1.80 each)
5.5mm Daisy Bead Cap
Match our Daisy Spacers!
All Sterling Silver.
$75.00 for 100 pieces
6x8mm Fancy Cone
Handmade in Bali
All Sterling Silver
$60.00 for 100 pieces


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