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Tuesday, 25 November 2008 20:18

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Sold by the strand
Japanese glass pearls are the finest in the world of all the "faux" finishes.
Some strands are longer than others and will be noted.

10mm Round Cream Color
Very smooth. 50 beads on a strand
Price: $10.00
8mm Round Cream Color
16" strand
Price: $7.00
10mm Round Japanese Glass Pearl
Beautiful Copper color
Lovely dimpling. 27 beads on a strand
Price: $10.00


Smooth and Faceted Round
Colors not available in all sizes
See Shopping Cart for details

16" Strands Smooth Pearlized Glass Round Small Hole
Priced as follows:
4mm (100 beads) = $3.00 per strand
6mm (65 beads) = $4.00 per strand
8mm (50 beads) = $5.00 per strand

8" Strands Large Smooth Pearlized Glass Round Small Hole
Priced as follows:
10mm (20 beads) = $5.50 per strand
12mm (16 beads) = $7.00 per strand
14mm (14 beads) = $9.00 per strand
16mm (13 beads) = $12.00 per strand

8mm Faceted Pearlized Glass Small Hole
$5.00/strand (50 beads)
Available Colors

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