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Friday, 28 November 2008 20:02

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About seed beeds. These are generally round, with size varying from 1-3mm. They are particularly used as spacers in jewelry. Most modern seed beads come either from the Czech Republic or Japan: the latter are generally regarded as being more uniform, which may or may not be a good thing! They also tend to have larger holes, and are sold by weight, rather than hanks, as is usually the case for Czech seed-beads. They're made by drawning molten glass using a hollow tube, which is then cut into pieces, and may be reheated to round the ends. Beware beads from other sources such as China, as they may not be 'true' colored, with an external coating or dye that may not stand the test of time.

Seed bead size is measured in "aughts". No-one knows why, but it refers to the number of beads of that size that can fit into about 20mm - hence, the more "aughts", the smaller the bead: it's thus the complete opposite of dress-sizes. They are either sold temporarily-strung on 20 ft. hanks or loose - Czech are generally the former, Japanese the latter.

More colors available - see shopping cart for details
Available in sizes 10-13

5 oz bag: $12.50
Available in: Assorted Colors,Baby Blue,Metallic Blue,Dark Red
Light Red,Orange,Green,Yellow,Purple,Black,Matte White,Hematite

1/2 kilo bag: $20.00

Size Guide
All numbers approximate!

Size Diameter Per 1/2 kg Per 5 oz
10 2.3mm 40,000 11,000
11 2.1mm 48,000 14,000
12 1.9mm 66,000 19,000
13 1.7mm 90,000 25,000
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