Gemstone Nuggets

All sold by the 16" strand

Crackled Quartz Crystal Nuggets

10x15mm = $20.00
20x25mm = $35.00
Nugget sizes approximate
All Crackly, gorgeous quality.
Click on the picture to see a close-up

We just got in a limited supply of Crackled Quartz Round beads in large sizes (18-20mm)
See our Weird Sale Items page

Facet Lemon Quartz Nuggets

Laser Cut
15x20mm = $75.00
Nugget sizes approximate
10 beads per strand
Beautiful yellow color
Gorgeous quality.
Click on the picture to see a close-up

Smooth and Faceted Smoky Topaz

#1245 Smooth approximately 12x16mm, $10.00 - Faceted approximately 15x20mm, $20.00


$10.00, except as marked
Size varies between 10x15mm and 18x20mm - most are 14x18mm.
Please ask before ordering if, er, size matters. :-)

#1282 Black Onyx #1283 African Opal SOLD OUT

#1239 Orange Aventurine 11x16mm CATS-EYE
Various colors, $9.00

#1290 Yellow Jade #1295 Carnelian

#1220 Giant Clear(ish!) Quartz
Faceted, 18x20mm SOLD OUT
#1221 Giant Clear Quartz
20x30mm SOLD OUT

Quartz Crystal
#1465S 15x20mm Side Drilled = $15
#1465H 13x18mm Hi Drilled = $15
#1465FC 13x18mm Faceted Clear = $15
Click on the picture to see a closeup
$10.00 per strand
Click on the picture to see a closeup

#1215 Fluorite #1230 Moss Agate

#1225 Labradorite - $15.00
click on the pic to see a close-up
#1291 Dalmatian Jasper

#1241 Serpentine #1242 Rhodonite

#1247 Snowflake Obsidian #1248 Bloodstone

#1249 Fancy Jasper #1250 Silver Leaf

#1260 Crazy Lace Agate SOLD OUT #1261 White Howlite

#1262 Amethyst #1263 Rose Quartz

#1264 Blue Goldstone #1265 Amazonite


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