Gemstone Donuts
Tuesday, 19 August 2008 20:53
Two types sold here, the large individual shapes that you can hang from a piece of leather or any other use you can create; or strands of smaller donut shapes.

Large Donut Beads

Sold by the piece.
They are undrilled - obviously, there's a hole in the middle, but not from side to side.
Contrast the strands at the bottom of the page, which are drilled as well as having a hole.
Four Sizes - Assorted Gemstones available

Icepick bail for this size donut.
Bail is 11mm and fits 30mm gemstone donut

50 cents each

donut bail   donut bail vertical

*NEW!*  30mm Round Gemstone Donut
Dark Green Jade - $3.00 each

Chinese Nephrite Jade

jade donut  

35mm Round Gemstone Donut

$3.50 each
Rose Quartz
Yellow Jade
Black Onyx

Not Pictured
Burmese Jade - $5.00

45mm Round Gemstone Donut

$5.00 each
Moss Agate
Yellow Jade
Howlite (Turquoise)
Rose Quartz,
Cherry Quartz Glass
Picture Jasper
Red Jasper
Black Onyx
Olive Jade

50mm Round Gemstone Donut

$6.00 each


Not pictured:
Black Onyx

10mm Gemstone Donuts

36 Beads per Strand
Price is $9.00 per strand - any stone!

Click the link below to see a picture:
Picture Jasper
Fancy Jasper [shown]
Green Aventurine
Poppy Jasper
Rose Quartz
Black Onyx
Other available: see shopping
cart for current stock.


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