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Heart-Shaped World!
Get ready for Valentine's Day, or any day of love, with our assortment of heart-shaped beads & clasps, in a range of different sizes and materials.

**New!!** 20mm Dark Green Chinese Jade
Heart Pendant - $3.00 each
Bail sold separately  (Ice Pick Bail 4mm Silvertone - 30 cents each)

jade heart icepick bail
enlarged to show detail

Cat's Eye

Two Sizes - 6mm (flat) and 12mm (puffed, shown)

6mm (65 Beads)
$7.00 per strand
12mm (35 Beads)
$13.00 per strand
Light Blue
Aqua Blue
Cobalt Blue
Midnight Blue
Peridot Green
Emerald Green
Light Orange
Cobalt Blue
Peridot Green
Emerald Green


Swarovski 10mm Hearts
Made of top-quality Austrian Crystal

Two Colors Available:
6202a Siam
0.50 each
6202b Crystal AB
0.65 each

Perfect for use with our Sterling Silver medium snap bails
[side and top view]

35 cents each

8mm Frosted Crystal Heart Pendant
About 8mm in diameter
Rhinestone embedded in corner
Available drilled through or with bail
$1.00 each

10mm Frosted Crystal Heart Pendant
10mm in diameter
Rhinestone embedded in corner
Complete with silver Bail attached
$1.50 each
Available in five colors

New! Czech Glass 11x13mm OPAQUE RED
Horizontal Drilled Heart Beads
Sold by the piece
.45 per bead
Holes go across the heart instead of Up and Down!
horizontal drilled heart


4mm Gemstone Hearts!
100 Beads
$8.00 per strand
Available in many stones
Amazonite, Aventurine*Green, Bloodstone
Fancy Jasper, Brown Goldstone, Howlite*White
Leopard Skin Jasper, Moss Agate, Picture Jasper
Red Jasper, Rhodonite, Serpentine Jade
Silver Leaf, Snowflake, Yellow Jade, Unakite,Zebra

6mm Gemstone Hearts!
60+ Beads
$9.00 per strand unless stated

Also available (not pictured):
Red Jade ($10.00), White Jade ($10.00), Blue Jade ($10.00)
Amazonite, Dalmatian Jasper, Red Tiger Eye
Blue Tiger Eye, Sodalite, Blue Goldstone


Millefiore Glass Red Hearts

Click on the picture to see a close-up
10mm Glass Heart Shape Beads drilled through top to bottom
Gorgeous design - Beautiful Work!
Sold by the strand - 40 beads per strand (16 inch strand)
$12.00 per strand

"Aura" Glass Hearts

Click on the picture to see a close-up
12mm Heart Shape Beads drilled through top to bottom
45 cents each or SAVE!! $33.00 per 100
Available in four colors
Amethyst, Pink, Yellow, Blue

"Quartz" Glass Heart Beads

Click on the picture to see a close-up
Heart Shape Beads drilled through
Available in Light Amethyst & Pink, in two sizes
8mm: 25 cents each, $15.00 per 100
12mm: 45 cents, $33.00 per 100

8mm Vintage Glass Tiger Eye Hearts
Drilled through
Very Old Beads - (50 years ++)
$1.15 each
Click on the picture to see a close-up

See here for more vintage beads

Czech Glass 16mm Ice Cloud Heart Beads
16mm beads drilled through
40 cents each
Two Colors available:
Clear with white "cloud" center
Clear with light green "cloud" center

Czech Glass 8mm Clear Heart Beads
8mm beads drilled through
15 cents each

Czech Glass Victorian Heart Beads
Flower Etching
17mm beads drilled through
Available in two Colors
55 cents each
Red and Amethyst


Czech Glass Beveled Heart Beads
#CZ713 - 16x15mm beads drilled through
Available in six Colors
55 cents each

Capri Blue with diffusion,Amber with diffusion, Green with Chartreuse
Green with Burgundy and Red (Plus NOT PICTURED:  Montana Grey with diffusion)
beveled heart
red heart

Opalised Glass

6mm Opalised Glass Heart Beads = $8.00 per strand

Lucite and Plastic

15mm Faceted Lucite Red Hearts
Drilled through
Gorgeous Red Color
65 cents each or
**Save!** by the 100 = $50.00

Givre Lucite Hearts
Heart Shape Beads drilled through

Available in four sizes and various colors

Size Colors Available Frosted/Clear
Price Each/per 100
Price Each/per 100
6mm Marbleized Red, Dark Amethyst,
Light Amethyst, Emerald Green, Dark Sapphire
20 cents/$15.00 30 cents/$25.00
12mm Marbelized Red, Ruby Red,Clear & Frosted, Dark Amethyst,
Light Amethyst, Emerald Green, Dark Sapphire
35 cents/$25.00 45 cents/$35.00
18mm Marbelized Red, Ruby Red
Emerald Green, Dark Sapphire, Clear & Frosted
50 cents/$40.00 60 cents/$50.00
28mm Marbelized Red, Ruby Red, Clear & Frosted, Dark Amethyst,
Light Amethyst, Emerald Green, Dark Sapphire
75 cents/$65.00 85 cents/$75.00

16mm Acrylic Hearts
Available in three colors: red, white and blue


Metalized Plastic Heart Beads
6mm, drilled through
$10.00 per 100
5 Styles



7mm Conversation Heart Beads
Available in two colors
#1474 Silvertone or #1474A Antique Goldtone
Made of highest quality painted lucite - use on all your designs!
25 cents each or $20.00/100


Pewter Tiffany Dotted Heart Charm
About 20mm in diameter
All Pewter
$1.25 each


Textured Heart Charm 25mm
$1.25 each

Textured on both sides!

Valentine's Pewter Charms

Love Pendant
$1.00 each
Hearts Entwined
$1.00 each
$1.00 each

"Made with Love" or "Just For You"
75 cents each

Sterling Silver

Message Heart
18mm, All Sterling Silver
$8.50 each
Message: "Faith, Hope & Love"

Heart charms
Excellent as wine charmers or on any charm bracelet, necklace or earrings!

#2592 Tiffany
$7.75 each
#1321 Small Open
$3.75 each
#607 15mm Puff (Hollow)
$4.75 each
#867 10mm with Bail
$4.50 each
#1136 6mm Puff
$2.50 each

7mm Sterling Silver Heart Shape Clasps
Available in three styles
7mm Heart Clasp - Single Strand - $3.50 each
7mm Heart Clasp - Two Strand - $4.15 each
7mm Floating Heart Clasp - $3.50 each
Based on the "Tiffany" heart of ages past, a lobster clasp made of sterling silver,shaped like a lovely heart.
Make gorgeous jewelry just perfect with these clasps!

Sterling Silver Heart Toggle Clasps!
12mm Heart Toggle Clasp
$6.50 each or $470.00/100

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