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Thursday, 27 November 2008 15:40

Fimo Mushroom Charms

EACH IS UNIQUE. No two alike! $2.50 each
25mm Tall with ring at the top

Hand-blown Glass Mushrooms

$2.50 each
Approx 1" long, made of hand-blown glass.
Also NOW available in EXTRA LARGE!! Almost 3" tall and gorgeous!
Extra Large is available in Cobalt Blue, Yellow, Blue/Green and Dark Green = $4.00 each

Available in:

mushroom hbgm

Colors available: Mint Green, Orange,Aqua Blue,Red and Dark Blue

Hand-blown Glass Mushrooms with FIMO CAPS!

$3.00 each
Approx 1" long, made of hand-blown glass with Fimo Caps.
Assorted styles. When you purchase, it's our choice.

Available in:
Glass BottomFimo Top

Ceramic Mini Mushroom Beads

5x10mm Drilled through
Red, Green, Blue Aqua & Yellow
60 cents each

Czech Glass 7x12mm Glass Mushroom Beads!
Rare! Gorgeous!
Sold by the piece in assorted colors!
drilled through (.040" hole) Top to Bottom
$2.00 per bead
COLORS: Red, Black, Green, Brown

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