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Returns Policy
Monday, 01 December 2008 02:10


We have always prided ourselves on our flexible policy with regard to taking items back. However, there are always a very small number of customers who will abuse things, so we must regrettably, make things more formal.

  1. After 28 days, all sales are final. This is more than enough time to decide whether you like an item, and check it for defects. We do not operate a 'Sale or Return' policy, as some people seem to think.

  2. Damage in transit must be reported to us immediately. We'll then tell you what to do, and the packaging should also be kept for inspection by the carrier. If you don't do this, WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COMPENSATE YOU.

  3. Contact us before returning anything. Send us an email: tell us what you're returning and what you'd like us to do. 99 times out of a hundred, it'll be no problem, but just check with us first, please, and wait for our go-ahead before sending anything back.

  4. Goods must be in original condition. We will not accept returns which have been used (and this includes taken off the strand), or of special order items. We also can not refund any shipping charges.

  5. Letter blocks. If you're returning these, each letter must be bagged separately. You wouldn't send back 4mm and 5mm beads all mixed up, would you? Yet we have received bags containing entire alphabets. If you had to sort them, you'd understand why nothing gets us more peeved. Except maybe TNT's decision to cancel Witchblade.

  6. There is NO....Rule Six, [Obscure Monty Python reference. We're fans... :-)]

  7. Include paperwork with your return. We need the invoice(s), or at least the invoice number(s), with all returns. In addition, we need:

    • For a refund, the credit card number and expiry date, if you paid that way.
    • If you want to exchange, tell us exactly what you want, and give us your name and address as well.
    • If you want credit towards your next order, that's fine too - indeed, it's our preferred option, since it cuts the overhead on time and effort. If you don't specify otherwise, or don't give us the info we need, this is likely what will happen.
  8. Unauthorised returns. If you don't do what's asked above, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to send your return straight back, apply a re-stocking fee or just ignore it. Though we probably won't - this is for cases where we feel that someone is trying to take advantage of our good nature.

  9. Books and videos. We cannot under any circumstances accept returns on books and videos, unless faulty in some way, in which case they will be exchanged for another copy of the same title.

  10. We are judge, jury and executioner. We are, however, still nice people. If special circumstances mean, say, that you can't get your return back within 28 days, we may make an exception. But it's our call as to whether to waive these rules. Begging us might help. :-)

For the great majority of customers, this simple policy will make no difference at all, and we still remain totally happy to take returns, if you are the least bit dissatisfied. These rules are as much for your protection as ours, and hopefully will prevent abuse while maintaining our high level of customer service.


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