Alphabet Beads: Silver and Pewter
Tuesday, 13 May 2008 04:54

PEWTER Alphabet Blocks 5.5mm - Silver Color

$1.10 each  all letters available - 25 letters minimum order.

Sterling Silver Alphabet Blocks All Sizes are $3.75 each piece
Not in stock, will ship in one week and 25 letters minimum
Mini Blocks (4.8mm) Square edge
Mini Blocks 4.8mm Round edge
Regular Blocks (5.5mm)
Hebrew Letter Blocks (5.5mm)
*NOTE: 25 letters minimum order

round edge

These are available in a variety of shapes, styles and alphabets:

  • 4.8mm English Alphabet, Square Edge. A-Z - $3.75/letter
  • 5.7mm English Alphabet, Square Edge, A-Z, 0-9 + symbols -  $3.75/letter
  • 5.7mm Hebrew Alphabet, Square Edge, Letters only
    $3.75/letter - click here for an illustration
  • 4.5mm English Alphabet, Rounded Edge, A-Z + 0-9
  • 6mm English Alphabet, Rounded Edge, A-Z + 0-9
  • Awareness Ribbon Cube [click here for a pic]
    Two sizes: 4.5mm & 5.5mm ($3.75 each)



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